Synonyms and related words:
advertising writer, annalist, art critic, author, authoress, belletrist, bibliognost, biblioklept, bibliolater, bibliomane, bibliomaniac, bibliopegist, bibliophage, bibliophile, bibliopole, bibliopolist, bibliotaph, bibliothec, bibliothecaire, bibliothecary, book agent, book collector, book printer, book publisher, book salesman, book-stealer, bookbinder, bookdealer, booklover, bookmaker, bookman, bookseller, bookworm, cataloger, chief librarian, coauthor, collaborator, college editor, columnist, compiler, composer, copy editor, copywriter, creative writer, critic, curator, dance critic, diarist, dictionary editor, drama critic, dramatist, editor, editor-in-chief, encyclopedist, essayist, executive editor, free lance, free-lance writer, ghost, ghostwriter, humorist, inditer, juvenile editor, librarian, library director, literary artist, literary craftsman, literary critic, literary man, litterateur, logographer, magazine writer, man of letters, managing editor, monographer, music critic, newspaperman, novelettist, novelist, pamphleteer, penwoman, permissions editor, philobiblist, poet, printer, production editor, prose writer, publisher, reference editor, reference librarian, reviewer, scenario writer, scenarist, scribe, scriptwriter, short-story writer, storyteller, technical writer, textbook editor, trade editor, word painter, wordsmith, writer

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Bibliographer — Bib li*og ra*pher, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? book + ? to write : cf. F. bibliographe.] One who writes, or is versed in, bibliography. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bibliographer — 1650s, from Gk. bibliographos writer of books, transcriber, copyist, related to bibliographia (see BIBLIOGRAPHY (Cf. bibliography)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • bibliographer — [bib΄lē äg′rə fər] n. [< Gr bibliographos, writer of books < biblion, a book (see BIBLE) + graphos < graphein, to write (see GRAPHIC) + ER] 1. an expert in bibliography 2. a person who compiles a bibliography …   English World dictionary

  • bibliographer — bibliography ► NOUN (pl. bibliographies) 1) a list of books or documents on a particular subject or by a particular author. 2) the study of books in terms of their classification, printing, and publication. 3) a list of the books referred to in a …   English terms dictionary

  • bibliographer — noun Date: 1775 1. an expert in bibliography 2. a compiler of bibliographies …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bibliographer — /bib lee og reuh feuhr/, n. 1. an expert in bibliography. 2. a person who compiles bibliographies. [1650 60; < Gk bibliográph(os) book writer (see BIBLIO , GRAPH) + ER1] * * * …   Universalium

  • bibliographer — noun A person who compiles bibliographies …   Wiktionary

  • Bibliographer — Библиограф …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • bibliographer — bib·li·og·ra·pher || ‚bɪblɪ É’grÉ™fÉ™ n. compiler of bibliographies …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bibliographer — bib·li·og·ra·pher …   English syllables

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